Capabilities Beyond Batteries

Turnkey Engineering Solutions

Our team combines design and engineering to deliver customized solutions with unmatched speed and reliability. From concept to execution, we are dedicated to transforming your vision into reality through end-to-end services that consistently exceed expectations.

We are experts in


Software Development

From the design of firmware for embedded systems, through user interface development, all the way to cybersecurity and networking expertise.


Hardware Design

Design of complex high-speed and high-power PCBs also including the mechanical properties, mounting, vibration isolation and cooling.

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System Engineering

From system-level architecture and feasibility studies to integration into existing systems, we specialize in ensuring compatibility with the current infrastructure.

We have experience with


High Voltage

We have extensive experience in the development of high-voltage electronics. Thanks to high voltage, we can build more power-dense and efficient systems for applications where it matters.

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Extreme Environments

We have developed systems for devices operating under extreme conditions, be it heat, humidity, or vibration. We are capable of designing electronics and mechanical subsystems to withstand the harsh conditions of a race weekend or prolonged operation in space.

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